iambwalsh.com: the artwork of Bryan Walsh

Bryan Walsh grew up in Belleville, Illinois (a St. Louis suburb) and graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, a small rural town north of Cincinnati. Both of these places were close to, but at the same time far from, the things that have come to interest him and most influence his work.

Prior to college, his work mainly consisted of tightly rendered pencil drawings, the elements of which were taken largely from magazine ads. The composition of these drawings was usually only based on how the images best fit together within the working area. These pieces were especially popular with his parents, aunts, uncles, and others, as his maternal Grandmother was a talented artist herself.

During college, Bryan’s artistic and musical influences expanded significantly. There, his musical interests transitioned from mostly classic rock (Van Halen, Led
Zeppelin, etc.) to hip-hop, punk, jazz and funk. Almost concurrently, his interest in the art and design related to these genres (Graffiti, Street Art, punk band flyers and
more) began to grow. In addition, his studies there included a trio of sociology classes that dealt with race, gender and class. These classes and his continued reading on these subjects contribute to his work.

::Artist Statement::

After college, I worked in the retail/convenience store environment as I searched for a Graphic Design position. In July 2006 I finally found a job in this field. Freed from the grasp of the Corporate Ladder and the restrictive shift-work schedule, my focus on painting increased substantially. My work is influenced by certain aspects of
my formal education and things that I have learned, read and observed in the years since.

In 2004, I moved from Belleville, Illinois to St. Louis city. Living here, I knew I would more fully experience things that, generally, I had only experienced short-term while
commuting to and from the city. I have a strong interest in the visual, social and political aspects of urban, physical environments and the street aesthetic.

My style, while still evolving, is a hybrid of Street Art and Abstract Expressionism. Among my influences are some hip-hop and punk music and general sociology (race, class, etc.). Graffiti, Street Art and Abstract Expressionism heavily inform my work. Through the use of symbols as icons and the incorporation of lettering, I hope to weave social commentary and reflections of the urban landscape into many of my pieces.